A new wave of thinking about business.

Technical expertise to accomplish your business goals.

About Us

IT Manners offers technical expertise to help accomplish your business goals. We add a personal touch to our projects following these objectives:

We are purposely looking for a better way to do our job and we are open to new ideas. Challenges are an opportunity to express our creativity.


We are in this business because we choose to be. We intend our work to let a quality trace for our customers both in the delivered projects and our professional relationships.


Your time is precious. Therefore, we aim to go directly to the main point and take advantage of what technology offers, so that we can do the work for you in the most effective way.

Our mission is to create valuable work according to your goals while building worthy business relationships.

Our Services

Project Management and Business Analysis

By customizing the best practices in project management, we intent to pursue a methodology in harmony with every project and team needs. We value clear and open communications to support throughout understanding of your business requirements and to deliver projects up to your quality, time and budget expectations.

Network Services

With a focus on high quality solutions at competitive costs, our team provides network installation, configuration and maintenance services from small and medium size networks to WANs. We implement network support services such as FileSharing, Web Services, VOIP, Web Conference, Email and VPN and we provide databases installation, support and performance tuning.